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Best Schools in Sharjah,Dubai

Enriching Atmosphere for students academically in Sharjah  

Academically there is enriching atmosphere in Best schools in Sharjah, Dubai, and it has not only some great historical centres, museums, souks and mosques, but also offers the students comfortable atmosphere in education sector. It is the best place to improve and learn your skills especially in Arabic language.

The schools in Sharjah, Dubai, offer high quality education to all the students from Kindergarten to Standard 12th. They have huge campus within acres of land that comprise of excellent resources and facilities to meet the high standards of academic excellence. They prepare students for all Board examinations till grade 12. school in sharjahWith appropriate curriculum, they have touched the heights of academic excellence and best education. Each year the number of enrolments in schools in Sharjah, Dubai increase to a greater extent. All the facilities and standard of education that these schools offer make parents trust school management and teachers.

Education is basically a process that has different features and aspects. The schools in Sharjah, Dubai, understand that children should grow into honest and true adults and in order to achieve this they need holistic education. Apart from studies, students are encouraged to be part of extra-curricular activities that helps them explore the world beyond the restriction of classroom, enclosing science, sports and culture.

The schools offer well maintained and stocked library for junior and senior students, with a plenty of educational books that includes non -fiction, fiction, dailies, magazines, reference books etc., this helps students gain extra knowledge apart from the standard text book. The school managements add in new books on a regular basis to encourage students to take advantage of reading different books and develop reading habit.

Apart from library facilities, the schools also offer ICT facilities to carry out different research activities. The lab comprise of networked computers with the relevant software used for research along with access to high speed internet connection, which are available to both students and teachers.

A junior library with a colourful environment is available to encourage primary kids to get into the habit of reading books at an early age. A story tent is often seen in many schools in Sharjah, Dubai, wherein kids gather for various storytelling sessions.

ICT is used as a teaching tool throughout the curriculum to give students practical as well as theoretical experience. Many schools also promote interactive learning facilities through touch screen devices that also helps teacher to control the overall activity of the students.

The fiber-optic helps connect the entire school through internet network. This helps monitoring the overall activities in lab and administrative offices of the school as well.

Teaching is not limited to the traditional methods only. Teacher use computer aided visuals with graphic modules to help students understand the concepts practically. Looking at the safety and security of the students, the schools here in Sharjah have adopted vigilance tools based on technology to monitor the buses round the clock. All the buses are equipped with scanners and GPS.  The control room also monitors the attendance of the students while boarding the bus and also while they de-board the bus.

A lot of schools in Sharjah, Dubai, now focus more on health of the students and thus they provide health care to the students wherein they keep track of the immunisation schedule. This helps the school authorities to check if a particular student is not vaccinated and they provide the vaccination facility based on the previous medical card. The parents are also asked to submit the medical records, especially for the younger kids to the school management so that the school maintains the records of health for each student.

The schools in Sharjah care for overall development of their students as they contribute to make them better citizens, stay healthy, just not are a book worm and explore other activities, understand the concepts not just through bookish knowledge but also through practical sessions and experience. They help their students develop the habit of reading books that allows them to increase knowledge at the right age. Overall the schools want the students to prosper in every walks of lives. They just don’t want them to restrict them to curriculum but also explore their inner talent.

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