World class education with a holistic approach for students

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World class education with a holistic approach for students

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There are many international schools in Sharjah, Ajman, that provide world class education to all the students with a holistic approach. They believe that only a positive and caring educational atmosphere can help students to achieve the objectives in their lives.

Therefore, international schools in Sharjah, Ajman, are dedicated to provide education though holistic approach and give top priority to human resources, development and its growth. The school management hires qualified and talented teachers who are committed to bring out the best of each student, may it be in the field of sports or studies.

To help the teachers meet the current standards and update them with latest educational standards, they are given personal and professional development training on a regular basis. The school believes in using latest teaching technologies with well equipped infrastructure to help students learn better.

The schools features also include different play areas to meet the needs of different age groups. Some international schools in Sharjah, Ajman, also have a greenhouse, a recycling park, play areas close to nature and a reading garden. Utmost priority is given to outdoor activities and sports for which they are equipped with basketball court, football ground, cricket-nets and an indoor sports hall for multiple indoor sport activities like gymnasium, basketball and table tennis.

Greenhouse is especially set up by the school authorities to help students stay close to nature and understand their responsibilities towards environment. They are encouraged to plant saplings and care for them and enjoy watching them bear flowers and fruits. The primary areas where the international schools in Sharjah, Ajman focus on are: language and proper communication, physical development, emotional and social development.

Literacy, mathematics, expressive design and arts and understanding the world are other fields that the schools focus on more. The curriculum is divided into various stages based on different age groups right from kindergarten to grade 12th. The curriculum helps the kids learn as per their age and thus there is absolutely no burden of studies on them. It is always fun to learn with the right curriculum. Other subjects included in academics are mathematics, chemistry, accounting, IT, economics, and biology. Apart from these subjects students also opt for Islamic and Arabic studies.

The international schools in Sharjah, Ajman help children become responsible citizens inspired by diverse cultures. The curriculum helps students with ethnic, cultural, socio-economic aspects to face the world with confidence.

The schools also offer language programme in Arabic and English wherein the aim is to help students learn their mother tongue with English. Technology is incorporated in all aspects of teaching to make is simple and comprehensive for the students.

These international schools give importance to the safety and security of the children and monitor their safety through latest modes of technology. They adopt a particular standard of learning and teaching for kids that also includes taking care of their health.

The internationals school focus on giving the students the strong foundation they need in their lives. Advanced learning style and ways make them understand the concepts better. They care for the future and career of your child and thus help them develop their skills in other fields too apart from just the studies. The comprehensive learning programs introduced by the school helps parents, teacher and students understand the curriculum better.

The education is divided into various stages depending upon the age groups to facilitate right education at right age. The parents do not have to worry about the safety of their kids at school as they are in safe hands. Encouraging children to do what they are passionate about helps both parents and children learn what they are good at.

The teaching sessions are quite engaging and exciting for the children to participate in. Each child gets personal attention and they don’t feel overburdened during the classroom sessions. Children are encouraged to come up with queries so that they learn more and come up with innovative ideas. The international schools are working towards making the journey of their life exciting and help them learn how to face challenges too. They learn to care for others, work as a team, live their passion and make their parents proud.

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