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Qira’at Competition @TRAC

“Beautify the Qur’an with your voices [for a fine voice increases the Qur’an in beauty]” [Bukhaari] TRAC organized a Qira’at competition for the Royalites to inculcate love of reciting the Qur’an in the manner taught by the Prophet (SAW). This was an inspirational event for children to continue practicing and perfecting their recitations. #TRACajman #UAE #AJMAN #schoolsinajman #Ramadan #Ramadan […]

Say ‘No’ to Tobacco @TRAC

“Tobacco Breaks Hearts” is the theme well thought of by the WHO for the World No Tobacco day-2018. TRAC organized a health awareness talk for the students explaining the devastating effects of tobacco to heart health. The session brought about awareness among the students and they are now equipped to protect the hearts of their […]

Celebrating Ramadan With KG Kids @TRAC

The Kindergartners of TRAC organized a special Ramadan assembly to explain the significance of the Holy month to their peers. The students were dressed in their traditional costumes and performed a melodious Nasheed. The Kindergarten section enjoyed this informative assembly which taught them the importance of doing good deeds and showing compassion to others. #TRACajman #UAE #AJMAN #schoolsinajman […]


“ I will never choose between UV protection and beauty again” …….Hillary Fogelson Sun Protection Day @ TRAC was a learning experience which made the little ones to know and understand the importance of using sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and hats. Through this experience they have learnt to protect themselves and their loved ones from the […]

Suaal Ramadan Quiz -2018

TRAC students participated in the `Suaal Ramadan Quiz’ organized by Teens India Organization across U.A.E The topic for the Quiz is the `Life Of The Prophet Muhammad’ (Peace And Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him) It was yet another platform for our students to reflect their spiritual understanding during The Holy Month of Ramadan. #TRACajman […]

TRAC students @ Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ajman

Almost 200 of our Royalites visited The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ajman مسجد الشيخ زايد this morning.They spent some time in the mosque and experienced divine peace and oneness as they performed wudhu with their classmates. Our cheerful, patient and grateful students donated juice bottles, fruits and water bottles as their little contribution for the iftar. […]


To bid ADIEU to the outgoing class XII students, a farewell was organized by class-XI students at The Royal Academy, Ajman. An array of dance and singing performances dedicated to their seniors was held. Although the party carried a tinge of sadness, the students had fun as they enjoyed every moment with their best buddies. […]

TRAC celebrates International Day Of Light Initiated By UNESCO

Students of The Royal Academy, Ajman organized The International Day of Light #IDL2018. #TRACajman is celebrated this day with great enthusiasm on 16th May which will be an annual celebration. The students exhibited their experiments based on light and light based technologies. Royalites experienced the role of light in developing education, science, art & culture […]

Inauguration of Parent Forum 2018-19

The Royal Academy, Ajman considers parents as partners in the development of their child. Through the years, the voice of the parent has always been of utmost importance to us and we are always willing to carefully consider any feedback they give us. Parent Forum was inaugurated in the presence of Principal Mr. Arun Gopinath, […]

Mother’s Day Celebrations @ TRAC

The day that celebrates the essence of a mother is Mothers Day. One of those occasions that none of us can afford to miss. Mother’s Day is something everyone can relate to. Keeping this bonding emotion in mind, we at The Royal Academy, Ajman had a special celebration, unique to bring a smile on our […]