To create an open, collaborative, school community that fosters the growth of responsible, confident, productive and critical thinkers who are interested in local and global issues and are able to respond to different challenges


  • Provide a curriculum that is international in scope and structure, but is rooted in tradition and values
  • Raisea generation of students possessed with happy minds,positive attitudes and compassionate hearts
  • Enable the acquisition of entrepreneurial and / or workforce skills through the integration of ICT and real-world experience in the curriculum
  • Prepare students for leadership in a world so they accept responsibility for the care and protection of man and environment
  • Articulateatruly cosmopolitan campus environment where students learn to accept and respect other cultures in order to promote a tolerant, harmonious world
  • Recognise that each child is a gifted, accomplished individual who is capable of pursuing excellence and achieving success in his own way and time
  • Empower students with decision-making abilities and opportunities so they may use their education for the advancement of mankind