Ajman Academy- A place where children nurture and develop in all spheres of life

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Ajman Academy- A place where children nurture and develop in all spheres of life

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When it comes to Ajman academy, it is known as the institution where children not only develop in educational sector, but also get the opportunity to excel in all walks of life. The Ajman academy helps students progress in a particular area in which they hold their interest in like sport, art, drama, music, academic and even leadership qualities.

The academy is well equipped with necessary resources that help students develop in different areas. The Ajman academy gives equal importance to academics as well as promoting a culture in students. The school believes that children can excel and prosper in life only when they are given the opportunity to pursue their career in whichever sector they love to work in. The school helps students to dig out their potential and provide them with necessary opportunities to excel.

Qualified teachers and staff

Ajman academy appoints qualified teachers, staffs and trains them as per international standards from time to time so that they impart the necessary knowledge to the students.

Extra-curricular activities

Education is not limited to classrooms only but it continues with extracurricular activities as well. Ajman academy lets children learn many other things like team work, individual study, sports and social skills through extracurricular activities. The school helps the students learn tolerance, understanding, develop confidence and be independent on the field as well.

The school doesn’t have high expectation from the students rather students are treated with love and respect so that they build inner confidence. The students through care and respect believe in learning and achieving in life.

Ajman academy gives strong foundation to each student so that they can face the challenges in life with ease.

Process of learning

Ajman academy strives encourages them to keep learning and become successful individuals. The school helps create friendly environment for children so that they can express themselves without any hesitation. Every child is treated equally. The teachers work towards developing the conceptual understandings of children. They help them expand their skills and continue to gain knowledge both practically and theoretically.


Ajman academy encourages children to be students for their entire life and do not quit learning at any stage as we human beings continue to learn we live. They prepare students to be responsible citizens and respect culture.

The curriculum includes an array of ethnic, cultural and socio economic base that helps students on international level as well. Ajman academy also tries to find out the real talent in children that helps them realize their potential.

Ajman academy also offers a perfect language programme in Arabic and English. Their main objective is to help students build interest in their mother tongue as well apart from English.

Learning through technology

Ajman academy understands the importance of technology in learning and education and thus they have incorporated technology in the entire curriculum. They have given access to Wi-Fi, iPad, wireless configuration etc so that students learn in a more practical manner through technology.


Ajman academy excels in providing all the necessary facilities to help students learn in safe and healthy surroundings. The school offers canteen that serves nutritious and healthy food, art and music rooms, labs for conducting science and computer sessions, library and huge spaces for sports like tennis, basketball and football.  There is a wide range of other extracurricular activities that are available in the academy like tennis, gymnastics, ballet, swimming etc.

Learning system

It is important for parents to keep a track of what their child is learning at school. Ajman academy has created learning system wherein there are statements used to plan lessons. These steps created by Ajman academy differ with age groups. These statements are ideally created to assess the learning abilities of a particular child based on the curriculum which include subjects like maths, science, English etc. The parents are also given copies of these statements and they can check their child’s performance. This helps the teachers, parents and children improve on different subjects and know their strengths in different subjects.

The teachers in Ajman academy also use other ways of assessment for each child to understand his/her weaknesses and strengths based on the curriculum. The teachers also find the best possible solution to improve their understanding of different concepts so that they get a chance to understand things better.

The idea behind keeping track of child’s progress is to help them enjoy the process of learning during their schooling.

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