An Academy that shapes the future of children to make them a better citizen- Royalacademyajman

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An Academy that shapes the future of children to make them a better citizen- Royalacademyajman

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Education is important part of our lives. When we talk about school of knowledge Sharjah, they prove to be the best schools in Sharjah to aid education to the students. The schools in Sharjah believe in providing education to all the students at affordable costs. They follow a value based education pattern that helps the students walk confidently in all walks of life.

Education not only helps us develop us in terms of knowledge or future, but it also helps us improve our skills as a better human being. It helps us grow as responsible citizen and a good human being. Every child owns the right to get educated and acquire knowledge. Schools are the institutions that help nurture kids in terms of knowledge and education.


The school of knowledge Sharjah offer education to all the students with a holistic, emotional, spiritual and artistic approach. They have teachers who believe in encouraging students to be independent thinkers, collaborative learners and be responsible citizens to lead a peaceful life. Apart from just the academic education, the school of knowledge Sharjah also helps the students learn the importance of different aspects of life like charity, honesty, justice and helping others. The teachers encourage students to learn work as a team and co-operate with other students.

The school of knowledge Sharjah offers excellent education to the students from Kindergarten to grade 12th. With a huge campus, the school of knowledge Sharjah has all the amenities that meet the high standards of excellent academic education. The school strives to provide healthy environment for the students so that parents develop trust in the institution.


There are different aspects covered during the years of schooling and school of knowledge Sharjah understands that every child needs the right education to become responsible citizens and true adults to make the society better. Apart from academic education, the school primarily focuses on providing the opportunity to the students to participate in extracurricular activities that promote their overall growth and development.

The extracurricular activities provided by the school of knowledge Sharjah helps the children to discover the world outside their classrooms and learn different things through the activities. The school of knowledge Sharjah offers cultural platform, sports, science culture and many more through a range of extra-curricular activities.

Healthy/Hygiene and Safety

The school of knowledge Sharjah strictly pays attention to the hygiene and cleanliness in the school so that the students get to study and enjoy other activities in a clean and healthy environment. The school of knowledge Sharjah maintains a library with stock of good books for both junior and senior students that include fiction, non-fiction, reference books, magazines etc. Students can easily get the book to gain knowledge from the library. The library staffs are always in process of updating the collection of books to include new books to help students gain knowledge and know the importance of books.

Apart from the library, the school of knowledge Sharjah offers excellent ICT facilities to enable various research activities. The labs are equipped with a network of computers with latest software used for relevant research along with access to high speed net connection. The ICT facility can be accessed by both students and teachers.

The primary kids also enjoy a different library section that is design colourful to help younger kids enjoy reading books and get into the habit of reading right from their early age. There are various story telling events organized for these kids to help them learn the art of storytelling that boosts their confidence in expressing themselves.

Technology and Education

ICT helps the students get practical knowledge of the subject along with theoretical experience. The school of knowledge Sharjah also promotes some touch screen devices that allows the teachers to manage the overall activity of their students. The entire school of knowledge Sharjah is interconnected through internet. This helps the school control all the activities that occur in school library, classes and administrative office as well.

Teaching has improved and exceeded beyond just the traditional way of teaching and now the teachers are using graphic modules and visuals to help the students understand each and every concept clearly. In order to take care of the security of the students, the school of knowledge Sharjah now uses the vigilance equipments based on latest technology to monitor even buses. The school buses are equipped with GPS and scanners and the attendance is also recorded for each and every student that boards the bus.

The students get overall safe and secure environment in the school.

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