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Online Learning/Virtual lessons

The Royal Academy has transferred the whole process of Learning and Development to the Virtual world in the present scenario. The students are encouraged to take up learning for the safety from their homes, without missing out on any of the specialities of traditional learning. We offer the chance to obtain higher level digital learning experiences and greater results at lower costs. Everyone can access our comfortable and flexible, cost effective virtual classes no matter of the barriers of location, borders or gender.

We use specialised Learning Management Systems with the help of Microsoft Teams to keep a track of learners and educators and in the documentation, reporting, administration of daily learning and assessments. We aim at continual improvement so that our E-Learning is fully competitive with traditional schooling. We also assure that student engagement and peer grouping through collaborative project works because such an atmosphere is far more realistic in terms of preparing students for eventual work life. The remarks and feedbacks from our students and parents are great motivation and simple example of our success in virtual platform .

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