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Indian schools in Ajman Shaping your child’s future – Royal academy

indian schools in ajman

Royal Academy ajman A school certainly shapes the future of your child and parents often worry about getting the best school for their children. No doubt, Indian schools in Ajman are well known for shaping the future of children. The Indian schools in Ajman understand and value the needs of every child so that they do well in all walks of life be it in academics or other fields. The Indian schools in Ajman believe that every child has the right to get educated and deserve to get opportunity to grow, learn on moral, social and personal level.

Indian schools in Ajman 

All children have the capability to excel in one or more fields and they are special in their own way and this is the belief that all Indian schools in Ajman believe in. Students love going to school, learn, engage in different activities while they are pursuing their education in the best Indian schools in Ajman and explore the world. Teachers are provided regular training on conducting theory as well as practical sessions for students. The Indian schools in Ajman make sure that teachers are inspiring and imaginative so that students get the right education and are encouraged to develop their learning skills.


Most Indian schools in Ajman follow the syllabus and different courses laid by CBSE and the board is always in constant process of updating the curriculum.

The schedule for examination and criteria for passing out a particular examination is carried out by the board and is as per the guidelines set by the Board. English is the medium of education and instructions in Indian schools in Sharjah, Ajman and it is compulsory too. Students are also asked to learn an additional language like Malayalam or Hindi.


There are a plenty of facilities available in Indian schools in Ajman for the students. Some of the facilities available in all Indian schools in Ajman are


Steady mentoring is conducted in Indian schools in Ajman to help children flourish in athletics and cultural programs. The teachers help children develop artistic skills, literary skills through various activities like swimming, music, dance, Karate, badminton etc.

Digital Classrooms

With the increasing trend of technology, Indian best schools in Ajman provide educations through digital means. This helps children stay updated with latest technology. The classrooms are digitally equipped and it ensures easy learning through practical ways.

Organic Farming

The Indian schools in Ajman academy understand the value of nature and importance of providing the right education to students about nature and how to protect our nature. In order to cultivate the idea of caring for nature in students, organic farming is incorporated as a part of extra-curricular activities. An organic farm in the school itself help students plant trees in open space and create green house in the school campus itself.

Students actively participate in organic farming and this helps them understand how important the nature is for us to survive and live healthy.

Indoor/Outdoor space for sports

In Indian schools in Ajman overall growth and fitness of children is given utmost importance. This is the reason why outdoor as well as indoor play area is available for students to engage in various sports activities like table tennis, badminton, football, chess, caroms, cricket etc. Children also take part in group activities. Sports not only develop team spirit in children, but they also learn how to work as a team and help other team mates. Sports also promote overall growth and development in children but also help them stay healthy.


We may be used to e-learning a lot these days, but nothing can replace books. A library in the school has a rich collection of amazing books for the students to read and increase their knowledge. The library offers a place for the students to gain knowledge from books written by renowned authors.

Day Boarding

Day boarding is available in most Indian schools in Ajman to help students get the feeling of a natural home even when they are away from home. The day boarding facility is available for the students who need the facility. The students here are taken proper care and provided with healthy food. Hygiene and health concerns are looked into on a regular basis so that the students get a healthy and clean environment at day boarding.

These schools are always in process of helping students to learn academics as well ethics that help them to become a good citizen when they grow up. The schools believe that the foundation of the students starts at school and needs to be perfect.

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