Indian schools excel in providing education in Ajman

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Indian schools excel in providing education in Ajman

indian schools in ajman

Royal academy Ajman – Education is important to help you achieve something in life and after home, school play the major role in educating you. When you are in studying in a good school within a peaceful environment, education there enlightens you from within. Indian education system is believed to be one of the best and thus in demand all over the world. When you think about Indian schools in Ajman, you will find a plenty of good Indian schools that follow CBSE curriculum.


Indian schools in Ajman play an important role in shaping your career

Schools have the responsibility of shaping your career and helping you be a responsible citizen and a good human being. Of course you learn through experience and exposure, but everything starts from school itself.

Ajman has many Indian schools that work towards providing excellent education to the students’ right from kindergarten to grade XII. The school authorities imbibe education through technology, nature and other aspects necessary to help students comprehend better.

The Indian schools in Ajman follow some core values wherein they focus on inculcating good values, respect and humanity in children. They make students understand the importance of treating others with dignity and love.


Some Indian schools in Ajman also provide day boarding facilities to the children wherein they get the feeling of being at home itself. They are well taken care of and children spend a great time in day boarding.


Organic Farming

The school is aware about how important it is to protect our environment and thus they want their students to learn the same. They train the students about organic farming by cultivating plants and trees in an open space. The space is known to be the greenhouse wherein students actively participate in planting trees.


Extracurricular activities

Apart from academics Indian schools in Ajman also believe in promoting extracurricular activities like athletic events, cultural activities, dance, karate, music, badminton, football and many more. These activities contribute to the overall development of children.


Digital Classrooms

With the growing technology and the needs of modern era, the school has set up digital classrooms for children. Learning becomes easier through digital means and it becomes interesting to learn new concepts through visualization.



Books are the best source of education when it comes to learning. When there is need of expanding their learning, children can get books through library to enhance their knowledge.

Early stages of leaning begins with kindergarten wherein tiny tots step into the initial phase of learning. This stage is crucial and critical wherein the teachers are responsible for developing the intellect, emotional and physical development of the child. The teachers here at Indian schools in Ajman are skilled enough let the tiny tots develop motor skills, verbal skills and help them get acquainted with the different aspects of life.



The curriculum is developed keeping in mind the level of education and needs of children of different grades. It includes subjects like EVS, General science, Fine arts, Maths etc., Teachers ensure that children understand the fundamentals of each subject thoroughly so that they enjoy learning and do not face problems when they are promoted to higher classes.


Play Area- Indoor & Outdoor

The Indian schools here provide both indoor and outdoor play area so that children get to learn many games that are played outdoors and indoors. Indoors games like caroms, chess are promoted for the children to learn logical reasoning and outdoor games provide overall fitness.


So if you are living in Ajman and want to find out best Indian schools, you don’t have to worry about it as you find many here. You can be rest assured that the overall development of your child will be taken care. Along with advanced ways of learning and educating, these schools adopt the latest curriculum to match the education standards. They not only help develop your child in leaning but also help them become responsible citizens and human beings.

Indian schools in Ajman , Your child will learn his/her responsibility towards environment as well as how sports and outdoor activities help them grow. It is not only about the studies, but also about how your child gets to learn playing with its classmates and respect each other in every possible way.

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