International CBSE schools in Ajman “Always ahead in imparting education to students from all nationalities”

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International CBSE schools in Ajman “Always ahead in imparting education to students from all nationalities”

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The international CBSE schools in Ajman are the leaders in imparting education to almost all the nationalities across the globe. They believe in supporting child’s development in all fields of life. The CBSE schools in Ajman work towards incorporating culture and getting students acquainted with international diversity. The CBSE schools in Ajman also focus on developing self esteem in children, encouraging them to live a healthy and simple lifestyle and care for their environment. It indeed helps children to grow up as better citizens and human beings.

Facilities- School Transport

Apart from imparting the right knowledge for kids, the CBSE schools in Ajman also takes care of the security of children. School aims to offer better transportation service to their students to ensure their safety and security. The CBSE schools in Ajman are well equipped with air-conditioned buses that comprise of seat belts in all the seats. Each bus comprise of a driver as well as a conductor. The lady conductor carries a cell phone so that she can get in touch with parents in case there are any delays. The bus service provided by most CBSE schools in Ajman ensures that the students are picked and dropped to the nearest possible spots close to their residences.


The academic programme carried out by most CBSE schools in Ajman cover both academics and recreational, sports and other activities that contribute to the overall development of the children. The school also runs many health care programs to ensure well-being and hygiene for the students. The CBSE schools in Ajman helps students enjoy the process of learning while they are in school. These schools help in shaping the career as well as future of the students.


The CBSE schools in Ajman provide education as per Indian curriculum that helps inculcating good values, habits, positive attitude and other developments in students. The CBSE schools in Ajman believe in providing the necessary platform for all the students wherein they can learn in a friendly environment. Not only CBSE schools in Ajman emphasize on imparting the knowledge, but also believe in teaching the right ethics to the students. The students here are encouraged to develop healthy habits that include personal hygiene and also social engagement to develop their character as well as personality as an individual.

The schools provide an environment where the students are taught to respect other religions and culture so that they grow as responsible citizens. The students are empowered with a blend of holistic approach as well as international education to achieve success in the rapidly changing world.


The CBSE schools in Ajman believe in helping students through social clubs and eco clubs to care for environment.  The CBSE schools in Ajman conduct environmental review to figure out the environmental issues and formulate certain action plans. The school also monitors and evaluates the environmental goals along with school academics. The children are provided secured learning environment where there is a proper balance between curriculum and other extra-curricular activities. The teachers possess creative teaching pattern and they make sure that not a single student is left behind during the entire process of learning.


The CBSE curriculum is followed in all CBSE schools in Ajman right from kindergarten to grade 12. Apart from CBSE curriculum the school also invest time in creative skills and literary skills like creative writing, declamation, debate, essay writing, poster making, recitation, slogan writing etc. Also, scientific skills are given equal importance by engaging kids in Olympiads, science exhibition, quiz and projects etc. When it comes to technology the CBSE schools in Ajman are ahead in keeping their students updated with latest technology and thus they include ICT which comprise of web page designing, animation, websites, e-books etc.

Apart from these subjects, the school also emphasizes on developing the leadership and organizational skill of the students through social clubs, quiz club, drama club, art club, general club, hygiene club, health club etc.

Extra curricular

The CBSE schools in Ajman give the students the opportunity to participate in various sports activities like table tennis, basketball, swimming, skating, skiing, music, arts, etc. The sports help the students to develop their team spirit, skills and aids overall development. This also motivates students to enjoy and gain experience in various sport activities. Sports helps increase their fitness and make them understand the sports and its importance. So, CBSE schools in Ajman contribute a lot in overall development of students from all over the world.

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