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The Royal Academy fosters an educational tradition that is special and unique. It is a highly academic school where individual and corporate excellence are expected and promoted. We are one of the foremost centres of academic excellence in the Emirate of Ajman where its pupils’ academic enquiry, debate and search for answers are well beyond any published syllabus, as we  follow the school motto “You have to believe to achieve”.

Central to our Ethos, is the intellectual discourse and collocation between teachers and students, whether in the classroom or outside.

The broader Ethos of the school resides in the desired environment, which is happy, busy and purposeful, the pupils, intellectually, socially, ethically and politically engaged with plenty of opportunities to develop initiative, realize talents and to articulate and defend their views. While academic and co-curricular attainments are highly prized, the tradition is fully committed to the nurture of each student’s spiritual, moral, emotional and physical development and wellbeing with a particular emphasis on drawing out individual talents and the preparation of responsible young people for a successful life beyond the boundaries of the school.