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List of School Facilities

The purpose built campus that accommodates students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, features a number of facilities designed to meet the specific requirements of each age group.

The School Library

The spacious school library with its panoramic glass façade is a reader’s delight. It holds a large array of titles – both fiction and non-fiction, as also periodicals, newspapers and reference books for all subjects and interests.Children are encouraged to use the library from early years in order to develop and foster in them a healthy reading habit.

Science Labs

To meet the requirements of our secondary and senior secondary students, state-of-the-art labs for, physics, chemistry and biology are provided with complete facilities. The labs help are focused at enhancing the core scientific skills of  demonstration, observation, experimentation, inference and analysis.  The labs satisfy all requirements as mandated by CBSE and meet all safety guidelines as required by law.

ICT Laboratories

The school has 3 distinct ICT laboratories – one for the Primary section and one each for the Girls and Boys of the senior sections respectively. The labs are used to support the teaching of ICT, which commences as early as Grade 1.

Multi-purpose Hall

The school boasts a multi-purpose hall, that is used for all major school functions. The multi purpose hall provides an ideal space for school assemblies, minor celebrations and class based events and activities.

ICT Based Teaching Learning

Children are exposed to Information and Communication Technology from an early age. Use of ICT is integrated throughout the academic process and is a full – fledged teaching tool. All classrooms in the Kindergarten and Primary Section and most classrooms in the Middle and Senior sections are equipped with SMART boards and LCD projectors. These Interactive Boards allows for a dynamic interactive learning environment that allows for learner-centric classrooms. In keeping with our vision of providing an education that is contemporary and relevant, most Teaching learning practices are ICT driven and enabled. Students are at ease working on interactive SMART Boards that makes learning stimulating and independent. PowerPoint presentations and overhead projectors are used regularly as teaching aids. These ICT facilities enable to create a sense of interest in students as they see and learn.


The fibre-optic connects every department in the School and provides network and Internet access to pupils and teachers from all ICT laboratories, staff rooms, the library and administrative offices located in the School.

Teaching in class is no longer restricted to traditional methods. Teaching faculty use computer-aided visuals and lectures with the latest graphic modules.

To keep abreast with the changing needs of the education scenario the school maintains 6 distinct ICT labs well equipped with modern systems such as Pentium IV and interconnected nodes with broadband line for internet browsing.

There are currently over two hundred and fifty computers available for students to use, all connected to the school’s network running Microsoft Servers. Laptops are provided for all teaching staff. Classrooms are fitted with digital projectors. Students and staff have full time access to High speed Broadband Internet and wireless network.

KG Play Area

In order to encourage physical activity and exploratory learning from an early age, the school has a full fledged KG Play area with specially demarcated sand and water play areas. These facilities provide a safe and secure environment for fun filled activities for Kindergarten students.

Investigative Centre

This specially designed room with its wide range of learning resources, takes learning out of the classroom and into a world of exploration. The range of learning resources including educational toys, puzzles, models, bricks, blocks in all materials, shapes and designs is an ideal world of self-directed, independent learning for the early years students.

Sports Facilities

The Royal Academy, Ajman places maximum emphasis on health and physical fitness. To that extent, the school offers a wide range of facilities and programmes to train in and excel in sports such as basketball, football, volleyball and tennis.

Art Room

The exclusive Art Room manned by professional artists, helps students explore their creative talents and showcase their artistic expressions. A rich collection of student created art work is displayed.

Music Room

The well-equipped music room provides a variety of instruments including guitars and keyboards, and helps highlight the innate talents of our large student body.


The school canteen offers a range of healthy snacks to children keeping in mind their growing years and physical well-being. The school also offers a breakfast plan to those parents who wish to opt for it.

Books and Uniforms Store

The school book store, offers the prescribed text books and note books to parents and students. Parents procure the prescribed school uniform from the school uniform store. In order that the design and uniqueness of the school uniform is maintained, the school encourages parents to make all their purchases from the school store only.

School Infirmary

The school clinic is manned by a full time doctor and qualified nurses. Students undergo regular medical check-ups as required by local health authorities. The student health record is updated regularly for each child. As with all school clinics, the infirmary is licenced to serve as a first aid centre only and any emergency is referred to the nearby Government Hospital.

Prayer Rooms

Two Prayer Rooms conveniently located on campus, one for boys and one for girls, helps in preserving Islamic traditions and practices on campus.

School Gardens

Deserving of its title as the 1st Eco Green School in Ajman, the school campus is abound with rich flora and elaborate vegetable gardens. Apart from creating a soothing and natural learning environment, the place is a treat during spring and winter when migratory birds of all sorts and types make our campus their home for many months.