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Mr. Daniel Lazar


Founder’s Message

The passion for educating young minds saw to the formation of The Lazar Group, ‘Educators at Heart’, an establishment which functions in line with the UAE 2021 vision. I had the privilege of arriving in the UAE, in the early 1970s. It was a God sent blessing that I had the opportunity to interact and work closely with the Ruler of Ajman, H.H. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi. Quite surprisingly, we shared a common vision about education. Driven by this common passion, the benevolent Ruler of Ajman offered a spacious location in the heart of Ajman where The Little Flower Nursery was instituted in the 1985. The Little Flower Nursery saw to the blossoming of my dreams, a deep passion and zeal to make a difference in the lives of children, changing it for the better.

What began as a small institution, primarily built as a family business with its focus and belief in the power of quality education to better the society, has now flourished and continues to expand, in harmony with my vision. A dream come true and growing, pioneering changes in the educational sector of Ajman. It is the desire and aim of the group to nurture children, with values and deep love for traditional as well as world cultures. This encourages us to venture further into newer territories ensuring holistic development and academic excellence.

We believe in pioneering model education embedded with an ethical focus around a curriculum integrated with curricular as well as co-curricular activities enabling all children to succeed. Taking education beyond the walls of the classroom, thinking from different angles, creatively, logically, and futuristically, is the need of the current hour.

My dream of building educational institutions with a harmonious blend of human values intermingled with academics, technology, nature, and life itself has unfurled into a reality, through my son, Lanson Lazar whose zeal is to take the vision forward. He is very passionate about educating young minds and believes that education is the key to making positive impacts on the children of today, molding them into Global Citizens.

As the Founder of the Lazar Group, I feel honored to say that from our tiny nursery in 1985, we have grown, and now run 2 schools, rooted firmly in the belief, ‘affordable’ high quality education for all.

The Royal Academy, Ajman (Indian Curriculum) currently has a student strength of 2207, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, with 36 different nationalities.

Seeing the distinct shift of choices Parents have making over the years, from a mono-cultural school to a more diverse, and international education, we opened up The Bloomington Academy, Ajman, a school which offers the British Curriculum. The school has classes from Kindergarten to A Level, with a blend of almost 70 different nationalities and a student population of 1200.

Celebrating diversity, individuality, and respect for one’s own culture as well as others culture are at the heart of our campuses and this is what the world is all about, today.

Our onward aim is to shape the achievers of the future and to equip them with the necessary values and skills to become good human beings, shine in their future fields, and become productive citizens.

The Lazar Group believes in reaching out to everyone who cares about the ‘Global Wealth’, our children. Our program is modelled around ‘Candor, Integrity & Happiness.’

For the children of Ajman, our aims are limitless. It is all the way ‘Forward March’, spreading our wings to boundaries beyond.