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Kindergarten (KG1 & KG2)

Kindergarten (KG1 & KG2)

The Kindergarten Department of The Royal Academy, Ajman provides an outstanding start to a child’s early learning years. The curriculum is indigenously developed and is based on a well-established international early learning curriculum that is practiced worldwide.

The syllabus is planned around specific, age-appropriate learning outcomes that rest on learning skills, rather than learning content. This skill-based play-way approach to learning allows for individualized learning in close alignment with the child’s developmental needs and progress. Literacy, Numeracy, Understanding the World Around, Performing Art (Music & Dance), Creative Expressions and Health Education form the core of the syllabus content.

The learning environment and the learning process are student-centric with a focus on learner engagement. Keeping in mind the role of the parent in supporting the early learning years of a child, the school forms close relationships with parents, so that parents are constantly updated on the learning curve of the child. There is a close-knit bond between the Teacher, Student & Parent to ensure the overall development of every child.