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Primary (Grades 1 to 4)

In the Primary, students acquire essential social skills, independent learning abilities with ample exploratory opportunities, age-appropriate literacy, numeracy, scientific knowledge, and skills. As all essential learning is linked with the real world outside, students develop academic proficiency that is real, relevant and application based. The curriculum is based on teamwork, where the teachers are the facilitators for group discussions, projects as well as hands-on activities and experimentation. Using digital technology effectively for studies is also skill which is being inculcated. Creative expression and opportunities are honed through the class-hours and through extended home-school activities. The primary years prepare the students with a sound foundation for the next phase of studies, in the middle school. 

Subjects at this level:
  • English
  • Second Language (Hindi / French / Bangla / Urdu/ Malayalam / Tamil)
  • Arabic
  • Mathematics
  • EVS (Science)
  • Social Studies
  • U.A.E Social Studies
  • Computer
  • Islamic Education or Moral Science
  • Physical Education
  • Art & Craft
  • Moral Education (MOE Syllabus)
  • Games