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‘Alma-mater Links, Unforgettable Memories Nurtured Incessantly’ 

 Our TRAC Pass-outs! Wherever they are, they stay connected to their Alma-mater. A bond which has been caringly and unforgettably knit together creating a memorable path down memory lane, those truly unforgettable school campus days!


Success Story of TRAC Alumni

Suhail Muhammed (Director, Consumer Creation Biz Intelligence at Nike)

A tete-a-tete conversation with Suhail Ahmed, a TRAC Alumni about his success story. The gist of it being, he owes a lot to the school, for molding him to be the person he is today. Suhail’s outlook is that life is all about change and how quickly one adapts to change is what determines how successful an individual becomes. In today’s competitive world, one needs to have a positive outlook and be a confident risk taker. That’s what will put you on the path to success. Suhail’s success story.

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A call-out to TRAC Pass-outs! Wherever you are, it’s a small world after all! Your Alma Mater is beckoning you. Register, Reconnect, Reminisce. A time travel down memory lane, reviving your memories of those good old school days.

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‘Alma-mater Links, Unforgettable Memories Nurtured Incessantly’

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