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Children's Day Picnic 2022


As part of Children’s Day celebrations, on Monday, 14th November, the school organized Recreational Trips for all the students, section-wise, to various parks. The kindergarten kiddies were taken to Musherif Ladies Park, the primary children to Al Jurf Park, the Girls of Grades 5 to 12 to Al Rashidiya Park and the Boys of Grades 5 to 12, to Al Helio Park. It was a ‘Fun Day Out’ for all the students. ‘Free play’ was the objective of the day out. Games, music, dance, fun and frolic and of course snacks. What an exhilarating, exciting and enjoyable day it was with the children playing around, running, jumping, hide & seek, find me, simple board games, sprawling on the grass, climbing up on the rocks ……. the day was all theirs! The teachers too joined in the fun and frolic with the children. It was altogether a happy, enthusiastic, and energetic atmosphere! A day well enjoyed!