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Elegance infused with adventure


It is so befitting to write about our ‘Iron Lady’, on International Women’s Day. A rare combination of ‘Elegance and Adventure’! Our inspiration at TLG! She is none other than our CEO, Ms. Sandra Blaskovic. At office, and on her visit to the schools, she is the epitome of elegance and professionalism. During the weekends, she is one of the ‘Grit Girls’ who goes dirt-biking to the dunes of the UAE. Inspiringly awesome, isn’t it? Yes, Ms. Sandra is one of the members of the ‘Grit Girls’, a group founded by Ms. Martinette van Vuuren, in 2018. A group of 20 amateur and semi-professional riders, all women, who enjoy dirt-biking on different terrains. Ms. Sandra says, “I ride because of the freedom, and how young it makes me feel.” That’s the secret of her youthfulness and that's what keeps her upbeat! The poise, strong will, resilience, self-assurance, tenacity and more, all encapsuled in one person of great ambition. How proud we are to have such a strong willed and empowering CEO, who we look up to, and for whom the saying ‘anything is possible’ is so very apt. Happy Women’s Day, to an inspiring personality, our dear CEO, Ms. Sandra Blaskovic.