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Haq al laila


A Sweet Celebration, ‘Haq Al Laila’ 
Don’t be surprised if children demand sweets from you, this weekend! Have them ready for distribution as it is ‘Haq Al Laila’. Surely we would like to be enlightened about what this is. Haq Al Laila is a tradition celebrated in Gulf countries, where children wear traditional clothes and carry colorful woven bags, go from door to door singing in return for sweets. Doesn’t it sound ‘sweet’? This annual event which means, ‘For this night’, is celebrated on the night of Shaaban 15 on the Islamic Calendar, during the month that precedes Ramadan. This year it falls on Monday, today, 6th March. In view of this, the primary students celebrated Haq Al Laila at school. It was a lovely sight to see the students in their traditional Arabic attire, with colorful baskets full of sweets. Well done Arabic Teachers, in spreading cultural awareness among the students, truly celebrating diversity.