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KG Graduation Ceremony – 2022-23



A day to rejoice and celebrate the little ones of the Senior Kindergarten, on their successful completion of their kinder days. A proud and joyous moment for the Students, Parents and Teachers.  

The Graduation Ceremony of the Senior Kindergarteners was celebrated in a grandeur way on Friday, 17th March 2023, at the School Campus. The evening commenced with the singing of the UAE National Anthem, followed by the recitation of the Holy Quran and its English translation by our little graduates. A student representative from the KG welcomed the gathering after which was the felicitation of the Chief Guest, Lieutenant Sultan Muhammad Al Suwaidi from the Ajman Police Department, and then it was on to the Principal’s, Ms. Nigar Rashed’s official welcome of the Chief Guest, our CEO, Ms. Sandra Blaskovic, members of the Management and Parents. In her address, she emphasized that. as Parents and Teachers, the most important traits that need to be inculcated in children, right from this tender age, are self-confidence and self-worth. Our lives should be modelled in such a manner that our actions are in symphony with our advice to our little ones, as the saying goes, ‘Children learn what they live. The Welcome Dance by the students of KG1A & C, was really a joyful one. This being their first stage performance, the excitement was evident on their faces. Joy was clearly visible on the faces of the audience, especially the parents. All the KG2 students were presented with the Graduation Certificates as well as each class performed a dance. We prepare students to be confident and as much as possible, to be independent. The flawless speech, articulation, verbal expression, and the command over the language of these young graduates were prodigious and visible in the way each representative of the KG 2 classes spoke about his / her experiences in the kindergarten. Our school motto, ‘You Have To Believe, To Achieve’ is interwoven in every event that we organize, to ensure that our students achieve their goals. The gathering was enthralled with the exuberant, and awesome performance of our young graduates. The little ones of KG1B, D & E too mesmerized the gathering with their lovely dances. In the kindergarten, we build wholesome individuals, inculcating in them, all-round values, and skills, right from this tender age. Our Tiny Tots are well equipped with these precious values. The highlight of the evening was the handing over of the ‘Light of Knowledge’ to the Primary Team. It was a heartwarming and touching moment for all present. The whole place lit up as though a ‘swarm of fireflies’ had suddenly emerged! It was an awesome sight to behold, as the little ones sang the song ‘This Little Guiding Light of Mine’. Yes, the KG2 Team officially handed over the little ones, carrying the ‘Light of Knowledge’ to the Primary who will ensure that the light will shine brighter as these kindergarteners embark on their learning journey in Grade 1. This marked the end of their kindergarten journey and the beginning of a new learning journey towards formal education. The memorable evening came to a close, with our KG graduate rendering the vote of thanks after which the Indian National Anthem was sung. Another successful year completed and looking forward to the next exciting new academic session.