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Kindergarten Sports Day 2023 - Spartans Kiddies


The ground was decked in the colors Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Colors on the move! Oh, yes, these colors were the House Uniforms worn by our kindergartners. Their much-awaited Sports Day was here at last. The little ones, all so eager. Parents too watching on with a mixed feeling of joy and anxiety. The announcements began with a brief introduction and welcoming of the guests and Parents. The Chief Guests for the day were Lieutenant Ibrahim Mohamed Elsewaidi and Warrant Officer Yousef Abdallah Alhosary. The March Past of the kiddies in their respective houses, was a lovely sight, each one trying the best to march in unison. Once stationed at their places, the UAE National was sung. The Quran Recitation was by Mohammed Sufiyan of KG2A, and the welcome was by Manvi, also of KG2A. Very much student oriented. The Chief Guests was felicitated with bouquets, by the Principal, Ms. Nigar Rashed, after which she addressed the gathering. The Mass Drill was indeed a spectacular one with the kids performing simple exercises to the rhythm of music. The adorable little ones were all out to impress the spectators. Then, on with the skill races, what the kiddies have been waiting for. The Bunny Hop, Building Pyramid, Sack Race, Threading Beads, Getting Ready for School, Tummy-to-Tummy Race, Elephant Ring Toss, Lemon & Spoon, Ball Collection, Ring Runners, Balancing the Ball, From My Cup to Yours, were the skill races. What a variety of races and well tackled by the kids. The result of the training given by their Teachers. “Hip, Hip Hurray”, for the little ones as well as for their teachers. Not done yet! The Parents too had races to run! For the mothers it was the ‘Lemon & Spoon’ race, whereas for the fathers it was the more rigorous one, a running race. A sports day which saw to whole families participating! The day ended on an intimate note with the little ones thrilled in seeing their Parents participate so enthusiastically in their Sports Day. Words of ‘Thanks’ were rendered by Ms. Gopika, Coordinator of KG2. All done for the day! It was a grand day which saw to everyone’s spirits and energy levels at its peak!