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Primary Sports Day 2023 - Spartans Juniors


Sporting spirit was in the air, as the students of the Primary Section gathered on the ground for an exciting, the Annual Sports Day ‘Spartans 2K22 – 23’. Which of the four houses, Red, Green, Yellow or Blue was going to lead? These being the bigger lot, have the competitive spirit and the sense of belonging to their houses. The Fire brands of the Red House, Earthlings of the Green House, Water coolants of the Blue House and the Wind vanes of the Yellow House, all came together to exhibit their sportsmanship. The March Past of the 4 houses led by their Captains and Vice-Captains was a majestic sight to behold. Once positioned on the ground, the Chief Guests for the day, Lieutenant Ibrahim Mohamed Elsewaidi and Warrant Officer Yousef Abdallah Alhosary were felicitated. The Oath Taking ceremony was then led by the Principal, Ms. Nigar. Invoking the blessings of the Almighty, an integral part of all our programs was followed by the singing of the UAE National Anthem. The Principal addressed the gathering after which the Chief Guest declared the Sports Meet open. The students of Grade 1 welcomed all present, with a lovely Welcome Dance. The Zumba Dance by the students of Gr.2, 3 & 4, with synchronized body movements to the rhythmic beats of Zumba music set the pace for the day. Couldn’t wait for the races to begin! The announcement of the beginning of races gave way to a hype in excitement. Races of each grade were followed by Prize Distribution of the respective class. To name the races it would be a long list, as that was the variety displayed. Each class of each grade had an interesting skill race. Agility, tactfulness and speed well displayed by the participants, cheered by the onlookers. There were common races too such as the ‘Standing Board Jump’ for the students of Grade 3 and 4 and the ‘Soft Ball Throw’ for Grade 1 and 2. The 50 meters sprint saw to the participation of the speed runners of all the classes and the Relay Race for Grade 3 & 4. The prizes were given out to the winners of these races. The day is incomplete without words of gratitude. Indeed the day would have been made possible without the sincere hard work of each and every member of the school. It takes a committed team to make successful things happen, which was what we witnessed here, today. The Sports Day was wound up with the singing of the Indian National Anthem. Yes, it was a great day outdoors, quite different from a regular day at school.