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The Passion of a Reader and Writer  - World Book Day 2023


The Passion of a Reader and Writer 
‘Meet the Author’ – Our Principal, Mr. E. V. Shakkeer Hussain, being an ardent reader and writer, is all out to get the students to harness a love for books. With this in mind, he has started the ‘Royal News’ to hone students reading skills and to update their general knowledge and ‘The Royal Writers’ Forum’ to create a new generation of ‘Royal Writers’. The Principal himself is a passionate reader, as well as a writer. His passion is seen in his interaction with the staff and students, keenly promoting and instilling in them the love for reading and writing. In his interaction with the students, he spoke about delving into books, the treasure trove of knowledge, imagination awakener and vocabulary builder. Just take a pen, start scribbling and experience the magic of words relaying into sentences, to paragraphs and to essays, stories, articles etc. The styles of writing may differ from person to person, nevertheless, the art of writing awakens a writer’s mind, in putting his thoughts down on paper. The play of words creates an array of lovely readable pieces. Befriend books, lap up the content, take up the pen and let your words flow onto paper. All these contribute to World Book Day, celebrated in memory of the great writers and authors who are still fondly remembered, through their inspiring writings. The Principal, a Chemistry Pandit, who himself is an author and has published a book of his own, ‘A for ATOM Series 1: The Ghost of 5P Somasundaram’. A book with suspense thrillers which leads a person to learn Chemistry in an interesting mode. His second book too, is on the way! ‘A for ATOM Series 2: The Chemistrical Love Story of Gnash and Clara.’ Our Author Principal is all out to support our young writers, to publish their creative pieces, with the help of the English Teachers and the Librarian. What a grand way of awakening and inculcating reading and writing skills in students, in the modern-day world. Wishing the ‘Royal Writers’ Forum’ a bright start-up in taking their writing skills towards the upward gradient.