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UAE Flag Day 2022


It’s a pride to behold the flag fluttering majestically, high up on the flag mast. Indeed a ‘Pride of the Nation’. The celebration of the UAE Flag Day, on 3rd November, every year, denotes the Sheikh’s accession to the throne, a day so dear to the UAE Nationals, as well as to the expatriates for whom the UAE is their ‘Home away from Home’. Celebrating this special day at our school, The Royal Academy, Ajman, everyone had a part to play, one way or other. The attire of the day was the colors of the flag. Students came to school, happily waving the flag and greeting each other “Happy Flag Day”. The youngest of the lot, the KG students, presented an assembly about the UAE Flag. How eloquently they spoke about the flag. An array of related activities was held in school, through the day. The flag was hoisted at 11:00 am with the singing of the National Anthem. The highlight of the day was the formation of the UAE flag, by the KG and the Primary students. A flag so full of ‘life’! A salute to flag of the nation.