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World Heart Day


The heart is the first and the last sign of life. It palpitates with the purpose of sustaining life. The World Heart Day theme of this year is ‘Use Heart for Every Heart’, for hearts have the magical power to unite humanity as one family.

It was a hale and hearty sight to behold, all the tiny tots of the kindergarten dressed in red, celebrating World Heart Day at school. Little do they know the detailed functions of the heart, but they do know one thing, that we LOVE with our HEARTS. The little ones have been taught that it is very important to keep our hearts Healthy and Happy, as the saying goes; ‘A Healthy HEART is a Happy HEART’.The Little Hearts of the Kindergarten got together today and created a ‘Big Heart’, sending out the message of love and care for all. The Hearty Highlights of Heart Day being ‘Healthy – Happy – Humble – Humane – Harmonious’