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World Intellectual Property Day 2023- Assembly by Grade:  12 D 


World Intellectual Property Day - Assembly by Grade:  12 D 
World Intellectual Property Day was the topic of the assembly by the students of Gr.12D. Well presented by the students. Everyone has a right to his / her property, whatever it might be, and it must be safeguarded against piracy. Here, it is ‘Intellectual Property’, that needs to be safeguarded. The theme this year is ‘Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity’, emphasizing the role of the milder gender in propelling innovation and creativity into the future. The power and intellect of women cannot be underestimated. They too have an equal part to play in taking the world forward to a brighter, innovative, and creative future. This day is celebrated with the aim of promoting awareness of intellectual property and its safeguarding about copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other related subjects. For an assembly to be effective, the facts and figures of the content being conveyed must be accurate, appropriate, and well conveyed. This was exactly how the students presented their assembly. Well done, Boys!