Education begins here at Indian high school Dubai for every student

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Education begins here at Indian high school Dubai for every student

Indian high school Dubai

The school plays an important role in the life of every student and thus every parent wants their children to get the best of schools in town. The Indian high school Dubai is one of the best schools in Dubai that offers excellent education to all the students. The Indian high school Dubai follow CBSE curriculum with main subjects as English, Arabic, Hindi, General Science, Mathematics, Moral Science, Social Studies, Art Education, Work Experience, Computer education, Physical & Health Education.


The Indian high school Dubai offers education for all those who are from Indian origin and those who are interested in getting education through Indian curriculum. The Indian high school Dubai delivers the best education         at primary and secondary level.


The Indian high school Dubai is having a campus equipped with all necessary facilities like ICT laboratories, science laboratories, an auditorium, research centre, canteen and a library. The Indian high school Dubai also comprises of 3 centres for counselling, medical centres with medical officers and trained nurses working full time. There is a fleet of school buses provided for the school students.


There are a plenty of extra-curricular activities carried out by Indian high school Dubai along with scholarship programs to motivate students. Extracurricular activities comprise of various sporting events, radio station which is operated and managed by the school students itself and there are couple of publications written by students it.

The Indian high school Dubai is a well managed educational institution with high academic performance by the students. The excellent academic performance by the students in itself is a proof of the success of the school and the management. Parents appreciate the range of extracurricular activities managed by the Indian high school Dubai.

Academic progress

The Indian high school Dubai also informs the parents about the academic progress of the child so that parents also know about their child’s performance. The teachers help the students with the academics so that they improve in the subjects they couldn’t perform well. Each and every student is different and teachers understand that some students need extra attention to perform better. Teachers believe in sharing the performance of the children on a regular basis so that the child can even get help from their parents to improve in studies.


The Indian high school Dubai focuses on the safety and security of the students and thus their school buses are well equipped with GPS and other vigilance equipments that help to record the attendance of each and every student. There are helpers in the bus so that they can contact the parents of the respective children in case of emergency.


Apart from academic environment, Indian high school Dubai provides a healthy and hygienic environment for the students in the school. The Indian high school Dubai cares about the health of the students and thus special measures are taken in the area of cleanliness.

The Indian high school Dubai also keeps a check on the immunisation data of the students and regular health checks are carried out for the students in the school. The school checks the medical card of each and every student to check if necessary vaccines are provided and in case there is any student who is not vaccinated, the school checks if he/she can get the vaccination in the school through medical authorities.

The school also request the parents to submit the medical records of their children so that the medical record of each and every student is maintained by the school. This helps the schools take appropriate actions in case of any emergency.

Practical knowledge is important

The Indian high school Dubai focuses not just on the theoretical knowledge of a particular subject, but also helps the students learn the concepts practically with the help of latest technology. The ICT laboratories have a network of computers with a reliable internet connection for all the students to access for learning the concepts practically. Teacher helps the students to learn through graphics and visuals so that they understand the concept thoroughly.

The school aims in providing both practical and theoretical knowledge so that the students are not confined to bookish knowledge only. Through different activities students learn to work as a team, co-operate with others, help others and all these aspects makes them a responsible citizen and a good human being. The schools also help the children learn their responsibilities towards the nature so that they learn to avoid natural calamities.

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