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The success of an institution is driven by employees who willingly and repeatedly offer their selfless service for the realisation of its goals and objectives. And in educational institutions the hard work and dedication of a workforce almost always is the single most powerful factor that contributes to high ranking student attainment in academics and cocurricular performances.

It is but natural that such staff are felicitated and rewarded for their efforts, so they are motivated to strive harder and aim higher.

The Royal Academy, Ajman is proud of its staff and acknowledges their contributions in the growth of the school over the years. And in a manner of recognizing the relentless toils of its staff, The Management gave away certificates, prizes and mementos to all staff who had gone well above and beyond the call of duty in serving the school.

The event coincided with the Annual Iftaar Dinner for staff of the Lazar Group of Schools, and was therefore also an occasion for the food, fun, family and friends.

The Royal Academy, Ajman is proud of its staff and looks forward to many years of association with them.

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